School Christmas Dinner, in France

School Christmas Dinner, in France

My boys both had their school Christmas dinner last week and I was blown away by their menus, particularly at the lycée. I hadn't thought ahead and was frustrated that I hadn't asked them to take photographs so this post has no photos of the actual meal...perhaps I'll be more organised next year. But in the mean time just take a look at their menus.

The Primary School Christmas Lunch

I took the photo above early this morning of the menu on the noticeboard, covered in dew with trees reflecting in the glass and the sun coming up. It's not the clearest, but I quite like the effect. Here's what the primary school kids ate:

Saumon frais - cold fresh salmon - for entrée, followed by filet de boeuf, poëlée St Sylvestre, pommes duchesse - beef filet with mixed seasonal vegetables including mushrooms and duchesse potatoes for main course, followed by fromage - cheese which was camembert apparently. Dessert was assiette gourmande - a selection of mini cakes including warm melting chocolate cake, apricot tart and caramel icecream bomb. Finally there were clementines and each child received a Santa hat, a chocolate Father Christmas and a book!

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A final few black and white photos

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