#ScentsofAdventure for the Maldives

#ScentsofAdventure for the Maldives » Verily Victoria Vocalises

If there was one place I could holiday in the world…ever…it would be The Maldives. A place of luxurious surroundings, peaceful quiet and extreme relaxation. How could you not be drawn in?

Music conjures up memories of specific times and places and I believe, in the same way, so does our sense of smell. You only have to have a whiff of freshly baked bread to feel you are at home or the aroma of freshly cut grass to somehow feel like it is summer.

Kuoni, one of the premier travel companies in the UK, are currently running #ScentsofAdventure, a blog competition to help put The Maldives on their sensory map of the world and they are asking us to conjure up our sense of smell especially for this beautiful location. You could win a luxurious 7 night holiday to the Maafushivaru resort.

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