Scandinavian Pink

Scandinavian Pink

Scandinavian Pink.... hi everyone, I've been across to Sweden for many reasons and shall reveal the story over the coming month. This weeks blog is brought to you by the colours pink and grey. 

Wherever I went, different shades and hues of the colour pink were popping out at me, usually alongside grey. It is no wonder that the paint maker Annie Sloan has a colour in her range called Scandinavian Pink, whilst Annies colour is darker than seen on some of these images, I can see why she associates pink with Scandinavia.

One of our first outings was into Stockholm for a trip to buy Swedish clogs, en route we passed this building, all shuttered up, with beautiful detail. 

The area is called Soder, we found a lovely cafe which is featured in Rachels blog this week with my photos. It was called cafe Tjarlek on Tjarhovsgatan.

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Bright Stockholm I love you.

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