Sawatdee Khrab Krabi, Baby! - Part 1

Sawatdee Khrab Krabi, Baby! - Part 1

Dear Drama

The Krabi Experience February 2013 - Darya's sixth flight at 2 years 5months.

I know it was a huge risk to fly off right after we were both recovering from being 'heavily' sick. I was thiiiiiis close to bail out but then my spidey-senses said gooooo for it. So on Wednesday afternoon, with sniffles and mending a bad migraine, I packed our bags (with our medications on standby). The following afternoon, bringing only a budget of SGD200, we flew off to Krabi, baby!

This time round we went with your Mummy Niza. Your Mummy Niza and I goes way back since we were 12 and we have been traveling buddies since. Once again, this was a pretty impromptu trip, okaaaay so hey what's new right?! I call all these trips my "mother in distress because husband is not in town so must occupy and distract herself trips". Heh. So everything booked and settled within 2 weeks.

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