Save the Children Bloggers Conference

Save the Children Bloggers Conference - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

On Saturday 8th February I was one of around 20 bloggers to attend a conference hosted by Save the Children to help raise awareness for this very worthy cause. I have always been a big supporter of children’s charities as these are the human beings who are too small to have a voice of their own. I felt so privileged to be there and listen to the valuable work these people do.

Chris Mosler from the blog Thinly Spreadfollow – who now works for Save the Children – and Rosie Childs introduced the day to us and, to start the talks, we listened to an explanation of the Humanitarian support that is provided in areas such as Syria and Africa by the Syrian Team Leader, Kieran King.

As I listened to Kieran talk, I thought of Grace playing safely at my Mum’s house whilst there were children being recruited to become part of the military forces. It really does put things into perspective.

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