Salt dough Christmas decorations

Salt dough Christmas decorations: Pigeon Pair & Me Our Time of Gifts week 21

This week on Our Time of Gifts (my year-long experiment in weekly giving), we made over 40 salt dough Christmas tree decorations, (mostly) to give away.

We've been making them all week.....

I used a basic salt dough recipe: one measure of flour, to half a measure of salt and half a measure of water. So, if you're using cups as measurement, that would mean one cup of flour, half a cup of salt and half a cup of water.

Tip: add the water slowly. We ended up not using it all for most of our batches. And, if you do add too much and need to put more flour into the dough to dry it out again, add a bit more salt, too. This helps bind the mixture together nicely.

We just kneaded it all together for about ten minutes; used cutters to make shapes; pierced a hole in the top of the decorations with a skewer; and baked them on a super-low heat for a couple of hours.

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