Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games

Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games

Sunday 23rd March saw the Dove family head over to Stratford for the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games. We have fond memories of Queen Elizabeth Park having experienced the incredible wall of noise in the Olympic Stadium during London 2012. It was a spectacular day, one that will never be forgotten.

Last weekend we traveled to London. It’s was POD’s first time on a passenger train (having only been on the chunnel to Bruges) so it was all very exciting. The escalators and the tube afterwards equally so!

The weather wasn’t on our side when we arrived so the waterproofs were on pretty swiftly. Once the dark clouds had passed we were greeted with sunshine so we fared pretty well.

We amused ourselves while we waited to go into the park by pulling silly faces and taking in the wonderful view of the Aquatic Centre.

Daddy wore a Sport Relief t-shirt, coupling it with the Elvis sunglasses I wore for the Team Honk Relay. I went for the Sport Relief all-in-one I’d purchased for the Team Honk Relay - the red afro and deeley boppers were absent on this occasion.

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