SAHM vs Working Mum: Who wins?

SAHM vs Working Mum: Who wins?

Us mums seem to constantly be fighting the never-ending battle over who parents best – Stay At Home Mums (SAHMs) or Working Mums? Then of course there are the WAHMs (Work At Home Mums) to throw into the mix too.

For some reason we’re either putting ourselves on a massive guilt-trip about which path we’ve chosen, or we’re criticising the mums who do it differently. SAHMs criticise working mums for not being around for their kids whilst working mums are convinced that all SAHMs do is laze around all day, living off their husband/partner.

So I’ve decided to wade into the SAHM vs Working Mum argument. I get really angry when women criticise others over which type of mum they are. I’d say that few of us have arrived at this path by choice and that most of us feel guilty about it on a regular basis. Often SAHMs are forced into the role as the cost of childcare is so extortionate. Equally many working mums daren’t step off the career ladder for fear of never getting back on at the same level.

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