Don’t forget that guest post you need to write - Where’s that email address? - I need to sort out my inbox - I’ll do it later – The tumble drier’s finished – Change the bed sheets - Bean’s run out of Vicks – Write it down on the list - Where’s the pen? – Fuck, I need to call the vets – Have we got anything for dinner? – Check the freezer in a minute - Write down that blog post idea – Where’s the pen? – Charge phone – Text mum – Change the bed sheets - Reply to comments – Photos, you haven’t taken any bloody photos – Sort out SD card – Ask OH to sort out SD card – CALL THE VETS – Tea, I need tea first – Sort out Bean’s craft supplies – He needs more paints – Write it down on the list - WHERE ARE ALL THE FUCKING PEN LIDS – Remember to explain to him AGAIN about this – Only an hour until you need to pick him up –

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