Running that extra mile - 26.2 of them!

Running that extra mile - 26.2 of them!

Every evening I check my Twitter timeline, you come across some interesting, funny, courageous people (and a few nutters of course - you know who you are!). Some of them are friends, many strangers and once in a while someone catches your attention for good reasons and this happened to me this week when Steve Hunt started following me.

Reading through his timeline I felt compelled to say Hi and to offer my help - I wanted to bring his story to you, mainly as it is something close to my heart (my mother in law and 2 very good friends who's daughter's both have leukaemia - many of you will know Laura's daughter - Tired Mummy of Two) - as you know, and because it's such a fantastic cause.

I hand you over to Steve to tell his story - please help if you can. Be it by donation, sharing this post to help share his story or by RT'ing - Please help!

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