Ross and Me in Photos

Ross and Me in Photos. - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

Today sees 3 years since Ross and I started seeing each other. What a fabulous, interesting, challenging, fun, annoying, happy, sad, wonderful, funny, angry and joyful 3 years it has been. I wouldn’t change a single day…well, maybe one or two…one because of me and one because of him!

So, to celebrate today, I thought I would show you why 3 is the magic number and share 3 of my favourite photos of us, together and give you a little explanation behind each one. This photo is of us at my 40th Birthday party. This is the first proper photo of us together and it was taken by Colin Keating – a lovely man I used to work for – who takes all the programme photos for the Quince Players. He took a number of group shots of me and my family and Grace. This photo is so special because it was the first ‘couple’ photo that Ross put up as his profile picture on Facebook. Ross doesn’t really do PDA’s so this was a big deal to me :)

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