Roquefort - cheese, pines, goats and sheep

Roquefort - cheese, pines, goats and sheep - The Lou Messugo Blog

One of the most well-known French cheeses internationally is sure to be Roquefort, a salty blue cheese made from sheep's milk.  I live in Roquefort.  But not that one.  I live in Roquefort les Pins - Roquefort the Pines, named after the abundance of majestic pine trees in the forest around us - situated in the Alpes-Maritimes on the Côte d'Azur near Nice.  The Roquefort town, of the cheese fame, is in the Aveyron département near Millau and is actually called Roquefort sur Soulzon.  Only cheese produced there, aged in the Combalou caves can be called Roquefort, nothing to do with my little Roquefort.  It has what's called AOC status.  (More on that later).  So that's cleared that up then!

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