Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam

Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam

In many ways this hotel is fairly standard – clean rooms, a bar, restaurant, 2pm check in and friendly staff. But there was an artsy and boutique vibe to the property which made it feel much more than an average hotel. Maybe it was the life size cow in the lobby, or the terrace outside the bar, perhaps the epic bagel shop across the way, the overflowing mini bar, the hotel bikes at the front door, or the straight Scandinavian lines meets boho chic décor. Possibly a combination of everything and although it’s initially hard to pinpoint what exactly sets this hotel apart having stayed overnight I figured it out.

Our room faced the marina with floor to ceiling windows but despite there being a small balcony it wasn’t for standing on. The beds were piled high with pillows and the duvet was one that you could get so cosy and warm underneath that it felt like a cocoon of happiness and safety. If there hadn’t have been a city as fun and interesting as Amsterdam waiting for me I’d never have gotten out from underneath it.

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