Room 101

Room 101

Ya know Room 101? From 1984? Essentially a room that houses your deepest, darkest, nightmares that make your insides fall out your arse, metaphorically obvs. What was it in the book? Rats? The hell’s that about, dude? Had George Orwell never recorded a film he REALLY wanted to see but the Sky+ had a malfunction and the FUCKING TV DIDN’T RECORD THE CRUCIAL LAST 5 MINUTES WHEN YOU FOUND OUT IF EVERYONE DIED?! Fuck the rats, even if they do bite your face off, that shit’s way scarier. Anyway, the basic gist was shamelessly pilfered by the BBC and turned into a TV program where people send three things to like, hell, I think. Obvs this decision has taken weeks of thought. Diagrams, research and pie charts. I came up with precisely 47 things I’d like to abolish forevs, but I figure some of ‘em go without saying, ya know; war, racism, sexism, anything ending with “ism” actually, slugs, Mr Tumble, the list goes on.

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