Room 101

Room 101

The wonderfully funny, and extremely lovely Cas at Mummy Never Sleeps has tagged me to write about the things I would hurl into the Room 101 before slamming the door forcibly behind them. I considered putting people in. All of them, but that is just because I was having a bad day. I feel better now, although I briefly considered still putting the hairdressers in, but I guess it is about time I got over the Dolly Parton-esque wings they gave me in about 1986 and moved on without a grudge.

So what to put in, am assuming we are going for the Merton-esque (Or Skinner, or Hancock for that matter..) as opposed to the Orwellian, so my answers are the light-hearted annoyances of the TV series, as opposed to the deepest darkest fears of the book, although the first one is both!

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