Roof Overheads

Roof Overheads

Housing. I have said before on this blog that I think the high cost of housing has a lot to answer for, and two stories this morning re-enforce my concerns.

Firstly the landlords evicting those in receipt of housing benefit. There is an assumption that all those in receipt of housing benefit are not in work. We until recently received some housing benefit, despite my partner working full time. This is due to the high rents in our area of the world. We don't need it now, but who knows what the future holds? I will tell you this though, the local housing allowance, which is the maximum rent you can receive help towards based on your family circumstance, is way too low for where we live. It was set at £100 a month less than our rent. 'Find somewhere cheaper then' you may say. We have no garden, no proper heating and no parking. There is no cheaper. In fact when I pop our local housing authority price into the map the BBC did of house prices, the result it gives is that we cannot live in our county. - See more at:

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