Robot Slaying Dad

Robot Slaying Dad

Today I have something a little different for you. A guest post. No, not one of those 'let me write you something with links in for money' guest posts, but a post by a guest that I offered to him for nothing in return. I rarely let anyone else write for my blog, so why him? Because I liked his passion! As a parent who has spent years trying desperately to squeeze something creative round the edges of family life I admired his commitment to this project and I loved the story behind it, and come on - he built robots- who wouldn't be swayed by that! Anyway, enough of my nonsense, let me hand you over to Vincent Kamp to tell you how a bedtime story led to a full blown book and app.

Robotslayer: The Making Of ‘Pirate dinosaurs?’ ‘no’. ‘Iggy Peck?’ ‘No, something else.’ ‘Book eating boy? Come on we love that one.’ ‘No Daddy, you do a story.’ ‘I’m tired Leo, come on how about a bit of Gruffalo.’ ‘Robot story, Daddy.’ - See more at:

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