Rich Moist Chocolate Cake

Rich Moist Chocolate Cake

Some people like cake.   Some people prefer ice cream.   I am definitely a cake girl.  I love to eat cake, any cake, but that doesn’t mean I am always in the kitchen baking.  Despite my previous few posts all being about cake,  I actually don’t make that many cakes myself, but each time I make one, I want to make another, and with Easter upon us and chocolate on my mind, what better time to do some baking.

So of course when I was sent a few baking products and asked if I would like to make and a recipe on I could hardly turn down the chance to have a go.  Baking Mad has a huge selection of all types of sweet and savoury baking recipes and you can search for exactly what you want to make, including specifying what ingredients you’d like to include and what ingredients you’d like to avoid, which is a really useful feature, unless you try to be too specific and then there are no results.

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