'Rewind Revellers Reminisce' - The Rewind Festival 2013

'Rewind Revellers Reminisce' - The Rewind Festival 2013

Last weekend saw the third year in a row that Ross and I attended, in my opinion, the friendliest festival in the Country, if not the world! The Rewind Festival 2013 in Henley-on-Thames, UK.

Each year I have attended, I have felt nothing but good emanating from everyone. Complete strangers chat to each other with nothing but happy, positive vibes and don’t bat an eyelid at He-Man talking to a Smurf. You can go dressed as pretty much anything from the ’80s and not look out of place (although Ross and I did wonder at one stage what a flapper girl was doing there! I presumed Bugsy Malone?!).

As we drove down the now familiar hill into an extremely well-organised field of cars, I was feeling the ‘home from home’ ambience that comes with the festival. This year we were greeted by the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man and walked in to a sea of colourful stands and food outlets. One entitled ‘Camp Cooks’ was headed up by a wonderfully entertaining band of transvestites!

This year saw Ross reporting on behalf of the Reading Chronicle. This gave us access to not only the VIP section but also the press tent

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