Review - ThermoMorph - Mouldable plastic for crafting

Review - ThermoMorph - Mouldable plastic for crafting

I was recently asked if I would like to try out some Thermomorph in my crafting. I hadn't heard of Thermomorph before, but I love trying out new ways to craft and a quick look on-line suggested that it looked like a really fun and versatile crafting material.

Thermomorph is made from polymorph granules - small pellets of plastic which melt together when added to boiling water to form a mouldable substance. You have a few minutes to mould the plastic before it sets and becomes too stiff to handle. You can make your own shapes, push it into moulds, or shape it by pressing against other textured surfaces. Although I was asked to review it as a crafter, I can see that it would have many other uses around the home, particularly for DIY projects if you are trying to fix or replace small plastic parts.

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