Review: Panache Sports Bra

Now... the thing about having big boobs is, you just sort of expect some wobble. You resign yourself to it, and get on with your workout. When I used to run years ago, I was a DD cup, and the wobbling was just something I put up with. Weirdly, since having S they have grown a fair bit. I figured there was no sports bra on the planet capable of containing the wobble now. I was wrong.

I think I may be in actual love with this new sports bra. It is, quite simply, amazing. It clips together at the back to form a racer back, and is very snug without being too tight. I tested it out with running, but also with such exercising delights as burpees - this is where many sports bras lose points. Some can do upright wobble, but most can't do horizontal wobble. This one can.

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