Review: Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

Review: Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

The monitor is fairly easy to use - you put it on your wrist, hold your wrist at heart level, and switch it on. Then it does its thing, and the screen lights up when it's finished.

It stores your previous blood pressures and will show you your average and all that jazz too.

I've never been overly bothered about my blood pressure; it was a little high in pregnancy, but that happens with a lot of women. Weirdly though, I find that actually my blood pressure is a little on the high side. Not enough to be concerned, but enough to think "hmm, perhaps I'll just have the four creme eggs today."

Disclaimer: I was provided with this item free of charge in exchange for a review, but that was not dependent on my writing a favourable review. All words and opinions are my own.

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