Review: Interactive adventure story Charly the Vet

Review: Interactive adventure story Charly the Vet

According to Ofcom half of UK households own at least one games console. Which means that at Bod Towers we live in the other half. Neither OH or I have ever really been into gaming (unless you count Pong on my ZX Spectrum, back in the day) so it's not really surprising that Curly Girl isn't either.

You might think this is a good thing but being computer literate is a key skill. Even at four years old she and her classmates use IPads and touch screens at school, dragging and dropping numbers into 100 grids or playing with colour rainbows. We often have homework to do together on the computer and it's amazing how quickly the hand-eye co-ordination needed to play games online is becoming second nature to her.

Last week a new computer game for children - Charly the Vet: Toad Rescue launched on iOS and Android devices and I agreed to review a preview version with Curly Girl.

It's designed for children aged 4-7 and has a storyline where the choices that you make determine the outcome of the adventure.

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