Review: Charismatic Celts in Samhain celebration

Review: Charismatic Celts in Samhain celebration

If you go down in the woods today....

You're sure of a spooky surprise.

I was eager to have at least one out-of-town adventure this half-term holiday. And so it was that the Pigeons (Austin and Gwen), Daddy D and I found ourselves driving up to rural Hertfordshire, to the Celtic Harmony camp, to take part in their Samhain Winter celebrations.

Samhain was a Celtic festival, celebrating the end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter. Hallowe'en takes some of its traditions from Samhain, and I've written a bit more about it in this post. In short: think bonfires, the slaughtering of cattle, and appeasement of Spirits who've hopped through from the underworld.

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