Review: Above All Things by Tanis Rideout

Review: Above All Things by Tanis Rideout

I was sent a copy of Above All Things by Tanis Rideout as part of Brit Mums' Book Club. It's the story of the 1924 British attempt to climb Mount Everest, and is written from three different perspectives: Andrew Irvine, George Mallory, and Mallory's wife, Ruth.

I have to be honest; I've not finished this book. I've really struggled with it, which seems completely at odds with all of the other Book Club members! I'm about half way through it now, and I'm not sure whether I'll manage to finish it. I have a short attention span when it comes to fiction, and if it weren't for the fact this was a Book Club book, I'm not sure it would have kept my attention past the first couple of chapters.

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