Review | A Turbo Charged Treat for Half Term

Review | A Turbo Charged Treat for Half Term


What were your dreams when you were four?

Can you even remember?

Apparently, the Perform Theatre Company visited the Reception class at school that afternoon and boy, was he full of it. The visitors had obviously enthused Little Chap and caught his interest entirely. So much so, that he asked me if he could go to drama school when he’d finished regular school because then

“I would put lots of plays on the stage with my team, Mummy. Like Charlie and Lola“.

Later, while still driving to this play date, he told me he’d just seen a billboard poster, advertising Turbo 3D, the film we were lucky enough to be offered preview tickets for last weekend and then proceeded to tell me how he’d like to put that story on the stage and how he would like to play the part of Turbo the snail!

Bless him! The film obviously resonated as much as the theatre group’s visit. The theme of the film is very much that of the underdog – no dream is too big, no dreamer too small...

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