Responsible Parenting

Responsible Parenting I always try to withhold judgement on other peoples parenting.

I know I haven’t always done the right thing, nor do I expect to get everything right in the future.

But one thing I am certain of is that I have never left my children's wellbeing up to chance nor relied on strangers to keep them safe.

At the play park yesterday I was shocked and pretty disgusted at the number of parents who just left their children to their own devices.

The park is inside a another park, but isn’t actually all that secure, with no gates between the parks, a river and an A road, yet so many parents were content to leave their kids alone without any adult supervision.

I try not to be too clingy, but I stay within calling distance and if the apparatus looks particularly challenging I’ll stick next to it until I’m confident my kids know what they are doing.

Sometimes I’m even a meany mummy and tell my kids they aren’t allowed on certain things.

Yet yesterday, there were clearly children being left unsupervised attempting to play on things which in all honesty weren’t suitable

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