Remembering Loseley

Remembering Loseley You may recall we visited the wonderful Loseley Park earlier this year.

The house was one of the first stately homes to be open to the public and its been home to the More-Molyneaux family for 500 years.

It has a phenomenal garden which covers 2.5 acres and is divided into ‘rooms’, each of which has its own personality.

We had sat in the sunshine eating Loseley ice-cream before visiting a magnificent walled garden. It was beautifully laid out with roses, flowers and herbs. Ancient Wisteria covered an entire wall and nearby was a Mulberry tree reputed to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth I.

There were over a thousand old English rose bushes in the rose garden, perfectly framed with low and precisely clipped box hedges. The flower garden contained a fiery display of reds, oranges, yellows and blues.

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