Remembering? I thought I would share a little post with you today. Something that made me smile.

As you know, little A is diagnosed with autism. One of the things my son does, which is common in many children with Autism, is stim. It's a word made up specially for the stimulation created by movement/sound. If you see a child in a supermarket making noises and flapping their hands, for example. Then it is probably that child doing something that they find comforting, to get them through a traumatic thing (Shopping was always awful for RJ). To be fair, this doesn't mean the child is autistic, it may simply be a comfort thing. 

Little A also runs and talks...........a lot!  This is mostly if the experience is enjoyable though. If he is watching a film or T.V. programme he loves, he will run/skip back and forth, talking about the programme (and often putting himself in the action, but in the 3rd person). He uses this method A LOT, For so many situations.

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