Regatta Life

Regatta Life

Daughter Sophia was recruited as a cox for our local rowing club in middle school. The teacher responsible recognised that she was small, but feisty and her technique on the ergo (an indoor rowing machine) was pretty good for a beginner. All valuable assets if you want to be a cox.

Initially Mr A and myself were bemused by our daughter's new hobby. Neither of us had ever rowed before, but we've always supported our daughters in whatever they wanted to do and were only too happy to attend training sessions. as often this involved supping a drink (or two) at the pub. During her first solo trip on the river, Sophia was swept away by the current and had to be rescued. Fortunately this didn't put her off.

Over the years Sophia's confidence has grown, she's travelled the length and breadth of the country, won umpteen tankards and medals and is now Head Cox at her university rowing club.

Every year rowing clubs up and down the country host regattas. Crews race against one another and although everyone works incredibly hard, the rowing fraternity certainly know how to party.

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