Reflection #ThePrompt

Reflection #ThePrompt

Reflection, this can mean many things. We reflect upon experiences, events and moments, some may be big and some maybe small but all have had an impact whether we know it at the time or not. Looking back is a great way of seeing the journey we have taken, reveling in the battles we have won and understanding the lessons learned in those we where not so successful with.

Reflection is also what we see in the mirror, something I find myself looking at less and less as I get older. As a child I was fascinated by my reflection, always looking in the mirror, unsure but excited that the person looking back looked just like me! I wondered what it would be like to live in that reflective world, was it happier, easy or kinder in there? As I have gotten older I wonder if the person looking back at me would have made the decision I have over the years, would they approve of the life I have lived?

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