Red's True Barbecue, Manchester

Red's True Barbecue, Manchester

I love being in the right place at the right time. This morning we popped into Solita for brunch, then strolled over to Caffeine and Co for a coffee and a nice slice of cake. Whilst in the area we decided to go to Brewdog. Then we saw it. The glowing neon sign that read 'Red's True Barbecue'. Angels sang. Yes, we had been eating all morning. Yes, Red's nearly killed us with their behemoth portions last time. No, we did not give a single, solitary toss.

Today was the soft launch for friends and family, but we were welcomed in with open arms. We had travelled to Red's in Leeds back in March last year, so we knew exactly what was in store... More meat than you can reasonably throw a large bone at.

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