Recipe: Sugar-Free Vegan Appleberry Bites

Recipe: Sugar-Free Vegan Appleberry Bites Great British Bake Off night is date night in my house. Which is, admittedly, a weird date night for two vegans because we can’t really eat anything they make. So mostly our date night consists of looking at food porn, and wondering if and how it could be veganised. Yeah, probably not a great date night by most people’s standards, but I like it.

Last night was the night of the pies in Bake Off terms, so I decided to make a pie for us to enjoy while we watched. I took Ebony to the woods near our house, and we collected an impressive amount of wild blackberries. Ebony likes foraging, and knows not to pick the lighter coloured blackberries. After we filled our tupperware (and Ebony’s tummy), we headed home to start baking.

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