Recipe: Homemade rum and raisin fudge

Recipe: Homemade rum and raisin fudge

One of my favourite parts of my money-saving challenge was forcing myself to only use what I had in my cupboards. It's all far too easy to just pop to the shops and pick up some extra groceries all because you were missing the 2 drops of vanilla essence from a recipe... and seeing as money is going to be tighter than ever, when the baking bug hit recently I decided to make something using only what I already had... the result:

Homemade Rum and Raisin Fudge

It all started when I found a rather ridiculous stash of muscovado sugar at the back of my cupboard - all of which were already open and part used in the way of these things. Muscovado sugar has a deep flavour, and is great at high temperatures... so I got creative:

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