Recipe for witches fingers (or soft pretzel dipping sticks)

Recipe for witches fingers (or soft pretzel dipping sticks)

I am getting just a little excited about Halloween. I have been obsessively ‘Pinterestingfollow‘ all things pumpkiny and today I pressganged E into our first bit of spooky cooking courtesy of the Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook (sent to me from America by my lovely Mum). I’ve not had much experience of baking bread but these turned out just like those yummy warm German pretzels and although they were sculpted by a four year old I think they look pretty fab.

Flaked almonds Food colouring in your choice of colour 2 cups warm water 1tbs sugar 1 sachet dried yeast 5 cups plain flour (plus extra for dusting) 1tbs salt 2tbs baking soda 1 egg (beaten for egg wash) Sea salt Vegetable/olive oil cooking spray

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