Rebuilding the lives of children

Rebuilding the lives of children

It was the summer I lost my jelly shoes. We were at the beach – Mama, Papa, my sister Jos, and I. I loved those shoes, with their sparkly silver glitter. But we forgot them and left them behind. And when we went back to look for them, they were gone forever.

We were incredibly lucky growing up, Jos and I. Looking back, it was a blessed and wonderful childhood during which we wanted for nothing. I don’t know if we knew that then. What we did know was love, happiness and safety. Losing a pair of sparkly plastic shoes was, in my eyes, as bad as life got.

In this summer in the picture, we were in Devon. Our little family had rented a house for the holidays and we spent long days at the beach. I remember the sand. It wasn’t just by the sea – it was in our clothes, in our hair, gathering in the seat corners of the car, and feeling gritty on the lino floor when we got back to the house.

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