Rebelicious - Fashion Days Nuremberg - Fall/Winter 2013

Rebelicious - Fashion Days Nuremberg - Fall/Winter 2013

The 2013 Fall/Winter edition of Fashion Days was held in Nürnberg between September 26th and 28th. Entitled Rebelicious - When Punk meets Glamour, the event was organised by Torsten U. Galts, a talented fashion and lifestyle photographer, and his team of twelve people. Quartier Q was the chosen venue and the huge bare room had been transformed into a funky yet glamorous space. On the left and right sides the exhibitors and sponsors booths could be found, with the centre of the room converted into a massive catwalk. Second Daughter and I especially loved the space right at the entrance with colourful chandeliers hanging on top of a big table, a gorgeous fashion photo taken in Palacio de los Gosalbez in Spain and lit in pink providing a dramatic background. As for the sleek Lamborghinis casually parked near the entrance too, they attracted a lot of attention and envy...

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