Real or Fake, The Great Debate

Real or Fake, The Great Debate

Every year since I was a little girl we always had a fake Christmas tree. My mum will say that's not true, she says that there were some years we had a real tree, and she has memories of trying to keep the living room carpet pine needle free as proof! But I don't remember it. I always used to lust after a real tree, the smell is just gorgeous and the shapes are pretty unique, you just cant seem to replicate it in a fake tree!

Just before The Husband and I got married, I was working as a retail manager in a large chain store where we sold many, many products including (at Christmas) fake Christmas trees. I was working a shift on New Years Day when we had instruction from head office to reduce all of our display trees to just £5, including the decorations already on them. At the end of the day there were a few left and knowing how much of a bargain this was, I phoned The Husband and asked if we should get one.

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