Real Living: A Stylish Dining Room Makeover

Real Living: A Stylish Dining Room Makeover

t’s been a little while but it’s back and today I have another Real Living article where we showcase someone’s favourite room in their home. It’s all about keeping it aspirational but achieveable and loving your home for your own personal reasons. We embed a huge amount of our own personality into your home decor and this is your chance to show it off and tell everyone why you love it.

This week I have a dining room from Nicky in Nottingham who is very proud of her recently made over new room:

Nicky says:

“I love my dining room because it’s such an adaptable space. The table is gate-legged and whilst it usually sits against one wall, it can seat 10 when folded out. I have two big floor cushions stacked away that my children pull out when they want to play on the floor.

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