Real Gone Kid

Real Gone Kid

Dear Blake,

Yesterday you went striding through the school doors without a backward glance. Your Dad and I hung around, peering into the classroom window to see you were OK. Not that you noticed - you'd gone straight to your friends and started playing.

This morning, you reluctantly held my hand and shrugged me off as I tried to grab a kiss or hug before you went into class.

You're only 4 - and it seems 5 minutes since the nursery Christmas carol concert, when you cried on stage, reaching out desperately for me. I worried then that you were too much of a Mummy's boy to settle at school.

What a difference 8 months makes.

Now you're too cool to cling on to your mum (at least not in front of your mates). And though it's a relief not to have you anxious or upset to be separated from me, I admit I'm a little sad that you're so eager to leave my protective arms.

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