Ready, aim fire….it’s our new Dyson DC59

Ready, aim fire….it’s our new Dyson DC59

‘It looks like a space weapon!’

This was D’s reaction when he came home to find me brandishing our new Dyson cordless vacuum from John Lewis.

Its correct title is the DC59 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner, of the digital slim variety. But, as a woman raised on a diet of Star Trek and Space 1999, I prefer to think of it as our futuristic magic anti-dust wand. It does make zapping dust all feel a bit….well, exciting (something I NEVER thought I’d say about cleaning).

This vacuum compares well to our previous model (a non-Dyson). It’s operated by a trigger rather than a dull old switch, which means you don’t waste power; the instant you want to stop, you just take your finger off the trigger. The main benefit, though, is that the digital slim is cordless, and lightweight (2.11 kg). Cleaning felt so much less of a headache (and backache) without having to lug a heavy model, complete with cord, up and down our three-storey townhouse.

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