reading to BIG kids! supporting Booktrust #2

reading to BIG kids! supporting Booktrust #2

I thought I would just expand on the notion of reading aloud to older children, because it seems so odd to me that it should sternly stop as soon as a child can read to themselves.

I looked at the bookshelves and all the hundreds of books we enjoyed together in this family, and felt a huge emotional wave wash over me, just remembering. One minute it was Milly-Molly-Mandy, it seems, the next it was Curious Incident, then Wodeshouse, then Waugh. I read novels aloud I’d never read myself at all, dug out classics I’d loved when small only to find they hadn’t passed the test of time and were too dreary to bother with, opened my mind to contemporary books I would otherwise have overlooked.

Do you still read to your older child, and what have you both loved recently?

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