Raspberry Pavlova

Raspberry Pavlova My mum makes a fantastic pavlova with crisp crunchy meringue on the outside and soft sticky meringue on the inside.   From now on, I can say that I make a fantastic pavlova too!  Well, I like to think I am fairly modest so I will have to rely on the people who ate this raspberry pavlova with me to spread the word.   And if it slips their mind?   Well, I’ll just have to rely on this blog too.

For years my mum has made a pavlova for family gatherings. The fruit is sometimes different – sometimes berries, sometimes grapes, sometimes kiwi fruit – but the pavlova itself is always the same and it always has that delicious chewy middle underneath the crunchy meringue.  She recently told me proudly that Mary Berry’s recipe was exactly the same as her one.  You would almost have thought she’d given the recipe to Mary Berry!

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