Ranty Friday - St Albans City Station

Ranty Friday - St Albans City Station

I am generally a fairly tolerant person. My fuse is long, my patience known – I volunteer to look after other people’s kids in my ‘free’ time. I spend a disproportionate amount of time in NHS waiting rooms and sitting on the M1 but that’s life, there is no point in ranting, that is what happens.


On Tuesday I had to go into London for (another) hospital appointment. St Albans City Station to St Pancras – it’s a straightforward route – under 20 minutes on the direct line. I dropped the children off at breakfast club, drove to the station with remarkably little traffic, parked up, finished my tea (love an insulated cup me), trudged through the rain, was robbed paid for my ticket and approached the ticket barrier.

Which was shut. And here begineth my rant. Good commuting people of St Albans, please take note.

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