Raised bed rejuvenation

Raised bed rejuvenation I think we’ve all got a spot in our garden that niggles at us.  This week I’ve been tackling the one that’s been niggling at me for about 5 years now!

We don’t have a garden at the front of our house, but there is a small raised bed which we look out onto from the lounge.  This bed was home to a very stubborn ivy which was always engulfing the gatepost, and the soil was constantly escaping through the stones onto the drive.

I wanted to try and rejuvenate the whole thing without buying lots of new plants – always nice to set yourself a challenge, eh?!  I decided to go for mainly Spring flowering plants, to give us something lovely to look out on early in the year.  The plan is to add bedding plants to give it a boost in other seasons.

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