Quince and ginger chutney

52 Cookbooks 45: Quince and ginger chutney This week I'm making chutney and I'm using one of my "go-to" preserving books, and that's Preserves by Pam Corbin. It's one of the River Cottage Handbooks, and actually the only one of these I own. Pam I softened referred to by Hugh F-W as Pam-the-Jam and with a recommendation like that, who am I to argue? I've chosen what is basically a "glutney" recipe where you can use what you've got. In the book there's a basic recipe and four variations. I have made the basic chutney recipe before and have also made the Apricot & Date variant so was hesitant to include this in this #52Cookbooks series, but I decided to as I've not made this type before, and actually it's a variant on a variant if you see what I mean. The book suggests a Pumpkin and Quince chutney, however I really needed to use one of my marrow's (from my dad's garden) before it turned to mush, so adapted the variant.

Pam introduces the recipe by saying to use what you have and that as long as you keep the quantities roughly in the same proportions, all will be well...


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