Quick Avocado and Cucumber Mint Salad

Quick Avocado and Cucumber Mint Salad

I couldn’t decide whether to call this a salad or a salsa.   In the end it had to be a salad. After all, it covered practically half my plate, more than the small piece of chicken next to it. Maybe if I’d chopped up the salad vegetables more daintily and served a bit less of it, it would have been a salsa.

Who cares?  It’s exactly the type of salad I want to eat right now.  It’s tasty from the mint and the dressing and the avocado helps to make it more filling too.  Ok, it’s a salad so not massively filling, but enough to stop you feeling like you have to have some bread, rice couscous or whatever your carb of choice is on the side.

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