Following on from last weeks The Prompt post in which I explained my little man is full of questions, this morning topped it all. Unlike most other times, my little lady actually started it off!

“Mummy why do we have lines around our mouth’s?”

“I’m not entirely sure, you’ll have to ask God”

This then opened up a kettle of fish about God including,

“Why did God want people to be different colours?” from my little man

“Because he didn’t want everyone to look the same as that would be boring.” I replies

The question that took the biscuit came completely out of the blue from my little man,

“Why do skeletons not have tongues?”

“As when you are buried, the worms eat your flesh etc but can’t eat your bones.” (I thought this was the easiest way to describe it but wasn’t I wrong!)

“So why when I lay down on the ground do worms not eat my tongue!”

What an amazingly inquisitive mind! He makes my head hurt sometimes with his questions!

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