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Pumpkin cards Halloween Cards - Here Come the Girls

Nothing ever goes to plan. Not when you have three children who have strong ideas about everything and want to do it their way (no idea where they get that from!) I had a lovely idea for making a Halloween card. I like crafting cards with the children – it tends to be a quick craft and you get to send it to someone else so have no storage issues. I thought it would be nice to make some cute pumpkins using buttons. The girls all love buttons and it is great for practicing fine motor skills. I  set out some blank cards with a pumpkin shape drawn on some of them and some orange and green buttons. Perfect!

But no – five minutes in and I realised they were not going to do things my way. Charlotte coloured in a her pumpkin with a crayon and then drew a pumpkin on every piece of paper she could find. Rose took all the buttons and put them into lines and poured them from one container to another. This is what Molly made for Halloween. Erm….

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