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Prose for Thought - Remember You - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

This week sees the hardest poem I have ever had to write. It took me ages last night to find the right words. What do you say to someone who lost their baby to SIDS? What do you say to a Mother who has lost their child, knowing that they will never come back? Well, this weekend sees the anniversary of an event that rocked the blogging world that I had entered – the community which I knew nothing about the power of at the time, but I certainly do now.

The 2nd of February is the first anniversary of the death of Matilda Mae who tragically lost her life to SIDS at just 9 months old. Jennie Edspire, her mother, was a blogger prior to the loss of Matilda and, has been bravely and honestly telling her story and sharing her pain with us ever since. Many people are commemorating her loss this weekend with ‘Letters to Matilda Mae’ and linking up with Ghostwriter Mummy

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